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How You Can Help

Make a Donation

Your financial gift can, and will, have a lasting impact on the opportunities MDEF is able to provide.  You can invest in the Education Foundation’s charitable efforts in a variety of ways:


Become a Volunteer

The Foundation Board welcomes volunteers and provides a variety of ways to get involved:

Contact to volunteer or call 208-634-6333.

Support our Projects and Events


Take advantage of the Idaho Education Tax Credit

The state of Idaho provides an income tax credit to taxpayers who give to schools or educational organizations through the Idaho Education Tax Credit. Through December 31, 2015, your gift to the McCall-Donnelly Education Foundation could net you up to $500 in tax credit on your next tax return. Visit Idaho’s Legislature website for more information for more information on Idaho Statute 63-3029A.

Sample tax Advantages

Your Annual Contribution to MDEF

$50 $100 $500 $1000 $5000

Federal Tax Deduction

$8 $15 $75 $150 $750

Idaho State Tax Deduction

$4 $7 $37 $74 $750

Idaho State Tax Credit

$25 $50 $200 $200 $200

Total Cost of Your Contribution to MDEF

$13 $28 $188 $576 $3765

This table assumes the donors making the contribution are married, filing a joint return, itemizing their deductions and are in the 15% Federal tax bracket and the 7.5% Idaho tax bracket. Consult your tax advisor regarding your personal benefits.

Donate by check- mail checks to McCall-Donnelly Education Foundation, PO Box 3048, McCall, ID, 83638.
Thank you for supporting the McCall-Donnelly Education Foundation!
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